Surveillance is carried out in order to monitor behaviour or gather intelligence.

This can include surveillance from a distance by means of electronic equipment or real-time surveillance by an investigator.

We have a team of male and female specialists who have many years of experience under their belts. They have acquired this expertise by working in the industry for many years.

They have worked on some of the most high-profile cases in the UK, all carried out with a consistently high level of professionalism and enthusiasm.

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Why should you consider hiring us?

  • Is my partner cheating on me?
  • I believe I already know my partner, but I still have my doubts.
  • Are they hiding assets before a divorce?
  • Is your employee really calling in sick?
  • Where has the person that owes you all that money gone?
  • Has my employee been stealing my clients?

All too often we hear these questions and many more just like them, the method to get this information is in a variety of private investigation methods


B25 Private Investigation Surveillance Operators

Professional surveillance operators are highly trained.  Our operators are trained to nationally approved standards, and part of the training is to avoid being detected and secure the evidence you need.

When conducting a surveillance investigation we often use more than one investigator and each is equipped with state of the art recording and communications equipment.  This equipment includes:

  • High definition video cameras
  • Covert video and audio recording devices
  • Professional long range cameras
  • GPS satellite navigation
  • Hands free encrypted communications

All of this means that we can follow the person in question without losing track of them or arousing suspicion.

Where necessary we can continue surveillance on foot and use our equipment to get up close and personal and to pick up conversations in crowded locations.

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When we conduct surveillance we do so in a lawful manner and we do it as quickly as possible.  Why is speed important?  Because it reduces the cost to you and more importantly, it reduces the chances of the suspect becoming suspicious and changing their behaviour.

In addition to the personal equipment available to each of our operatives, we can also provide:

  • Covert vehicles  – where static or prolonged cost-effective surveillance is required
  • Specialist covert rural equipment allows surveillance in situations that may otherwise be difficult



Surveillance in action

We were hired by a business struggling with an an employee who was claiming to be unfit for work as a driver.  The employee claimed to have an ailment with his eyes.  We captured the employee on camera playing golf.  The client commented that the “evidence provided was way above par”.  The video recording was submitted as evidence at the employee’s disciplinary hearing.

Surveillance to prevent loss & disruption

We were hired by a large food production plant where staff were setting off fire alarms at various locations to get out of work.  The client had suffered huge losses in down time throughout the plant not to mention the waste of fire brigade resources when sent to investigate the false alarm.   A number of hidden cameras were installed and the culprit was caught and reported to the police.

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We provide a professional trustworthy service, we are regulated and act in accordance with the law at all times.


In the form of discreet monitoring; this can take place from a few hours per day or up to weeks depending on the complexity of the case and your own personal preference.

Overt / Covert Surveillance UK

During covert surveillance in UK, Our investigator/s will either remain completely undetected or may interact with the subject in order to gain intelligence.

​Electronic Equipment

Bug sweeping, Spy cameras, listening devices, vehicle tracking, people tracking, online movements.

Counter Surveillance and TSCM

​Situations may include individuals monitoring your movements in order to carry out criminal activities on you or your business.

  • ​Do you feel you are at risk of being watched?
  • Are your business competitors trying to find something to use against you or your business?
  • Do you feel something isn’t quite right?

​Our investigators are highly trained to identify people carrying out surveillance on you or your business. Specialist techniques can be used to help give you peace of mind and we will give advice on the correct measures to take.

Everyone is at risk. The expert team at B25 are here to look over your shoulder so you don’t have to.

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Surveillance investigations designed for results.

If you’re planning to carry out your own surveillance, think again.

Why?  Because the chances are you’ll get caught – and then what?

The subject will change their behaviour and your chance to catch them will be gone.

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The expert team at B25 is here to watch over your shoulder so you don’t have to.