Bug Sweeping

A bug sweep is the structured search of an area, room, vehicle, aircraft or yacht for bugs/eavesdropping devices.

We can detect the presence of hidden cameras, listening bugs, and hidden GPS’ or car trackers. We electronically and methodically search a home, office, or car for hidden devices. We find all types of covert spy devices, including the latest digital wireless surveillance devices.

Our electronic bug detection service is offered UK wide to both private and corporate clients. Private clients who believe their house, apartment or car has been bugged, or commercial clients who feel their meeting room, boardroom, or offices are under surveillance and conversations are being listened to and compromised.

If you have any reason to believe that someone has placed a bug in your home, the company you work in or your vehicle, the only thing you can do is contact a professional to sweep for bugs. B25 Private Investigation has the best bug sweeping equipment that will help you get to the bottom of the issue. We always use the most sophisticated method and devices to ensure we make a detailed investigation and detect any hidden bugs.

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Bug Sweeping

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B25 Private Investigation is a team of professional male and female investigators who are trained to use their expertise and years of experience to solve your case effectively.

Professionalism is our greatest concern as we are aware of the delicate situation that has drawn you to take this next step. Our military, intelligence and policing background has allowed us to deal with some of the country’s biggest cases, meaning no matter the size or nature of your enquiry, we’re ready for it.

We are committed to maintaining complete confidentiality; we work covertly, gathering information of your interest while respecting your privacy. Your concerns are our concerns too, making it imperative to establish a trusting relationship right from the start.

Our Principles

We ensure that we hire only the most qualified personnel that allows B25 Private Investigation to operate with the highest standards.

​Communicating complete transparency from the first moment you consult us until the day you leave us is what matters most to us. We want you to feel very secure in our hands so that you’re free to do as you wish with our services.

​The most fundamental role played in our cases is you as our client. In each case our goals are determined by your personal objectives and success is set by your satisfaction. If you want to hire our private detective agency in London, contact us now.

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Bug Sweeping

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The expert private detectives team at B25 is here to watch over your shoulder so you don’t have to. Bug Sweeping